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Comprehensive: Population of activities for scoring


For fields that are applicable only to loans, only lending activities were scored. The pilot also took into account the status of each activity to see if data fields can be expected to be completed, e.g. expenditure fields would be blank for an activity still at the planning stage with a start date in the future.


Count only CPA activities, in line with proposal on coverage ratio.
Include all activities with commitments, disbursements or expenditure in the baseline period or later and any others not marked as complete.
Have specific rules for individual fields where the population is further restricted (e.g. no expenditure if status = planning and start date in the future, results only if not in planning stage or cancelled) or as described below (e.g. for incoming funds, grant-only organisations).


Keeps focus on information of most use to developing countries and avoids reducing scores for some types of aid where some fields do not apply. Avoids counting repayment only records, e.g. World Bank. 

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