IATI Consultations Archive

Live discussions and consultations can be found at discuss.iatistandard.org.

Upgrading the IATI Standards

These forums contain posts, proposals and suggestions for changes to the IATI Standard. Alongside these, all versions (http://iatistandard.org/201/upgrades/all-versions/) of the IATI Standard can be accessed, as well as information on how change requests are processed (http://iatistandard.org/201/upgrades/).

Modifications, Additions, Improvements

2.02 Decimal Upgrade Proposals

3.01 Integer Upgrade Proposals

2.01 Integer Upgrade

2.01 Integer Upgrade Proposals - History

1.05 Decimal Upgrade

1.04 Decimal Upgrade

1.03 Decimal Upgrade

1.02 First Decimal Upgrade

1.00 Released



Third-Party Codelists

TAG Workshop May 2102

Non Embedded Codelists Amendments - Archive